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The most important phase for every teenager is his education, which is actually the backbone for shaping the former`s future career! Yes, studies and career go hand-in-hand and it is thus very importa
Every teen understands the term "Geography", since it is a popular subject offered by every school. "So what is so different here, that is different then what is offered in school or colleges?" you ma
Along with geography, even a proper knowledge of history is important. Did you know that India as a great country today is an amalgamation of many states, which were once the small kingdoms of various
Music is simply a melody or an experience that one can derive and capture through different instruments. After being heard in its different forms it can formulate miracles. Music indeed is a factor th
We have and interesting way to increase your knowledge, by guiding your way to our Quiz section, asking you quizzes on a plethora of topics and then increasing your General Knowledge. The very concept
A book review literally is a form of literary criticism in which the work is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. More often carried out in periodicals, as school work, or online, such reviews
It is our endeavour to provide the teens with all the information that is required for them to excel in their studies as well as increase their general knowledge. So, it is not only the subjective kno
Science is a branch of knowledge that refers to any systematic methodology which attempts to collect accurate information about future events and observations. This branch acquires knowledge based on
Along with educating teens, we also know that engaging in fun-filled activities is also very important for an overall development of an individual`s personality. So, here we have got a few fun filled

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