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NEO: The World Ends With You has four different difficulties you can play on, each of which affects the hardness of the battles. You start the game with only the Normal difficulty unlocked and this is fine for completing the game; there is no real need to change that setting at all. However, … Read more

NEO: The World Ends With You is the sequel to the 2007 Nintendo DS game, The World Ends With You. While NEO has some mechanics and elements that will be familiar to fans of the original, there are a number of new features, such as players being able to control more than one character during battle. There are … Read more

Noise is the term given to enemies in NEO: The World Ends With You, and these enemies can be found and fought using your Scan function and then interacting / tapping their emblems to initiate a battle. The noise icons are red and will chase you when they are nearby, for the most part. There are … Read more

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Mírame jugar el mundo se acaba contigo

Aunque NEO: The World Ends With You no cumplió las expectativas de ventas de su editor, pero es evidente que la serie cuenta con un gran número de seguidores, y hemos tenido la suerte de sentarnos con las mentes detrás de este cautivador universo en una entrevista exclusiva.

Nintendo Life: El The World Ends With You original salió a la venta en 2007/2008 con bastantes elogios por parte de los fans y la crítica. ¿Cuáles fueron algunas de las razones del largo paréntesis entre el original y la secuela, NEO?

Tomohiko Hirano: Cuando lanzamos el primer título -The World Ends with You- para Nintendo DS, vimos numerosas peticiones de una secuela por parte de nuestros jugadores, así que una futura entrega de la serie era algo que siempre habíamos considerado. The World Ends with You es un juego un tanto atrevido, en lo que respecta a las series de juegos, y por esa razón, nos resultó difícil desarrollarlo junto con otros títulos.

Sin embargo, la adaptación al anime sirvió como punto de partida para añadir capas adicionales a la IP, así que mantuvimos intacto el equipo de El mundo termina contigo: Final Remix (que como sabéis salió en Nintendo Switch en 2018) y empezamos a desarrollar esta secuela, que pudimos lanzar en julio de 2021.

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If the world will end cover justin quiles

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The Switch version is identical to the mobile version in many ways: the graphics are the same, but being able to bring it to a TV, the streets of Shibuya and the character sprites look better than ever. We again have the soundtrack remixes, but, as in the mobile version, we can switch between the “new” and the original at any time.

And the combat system once again takes place on one screen. Personally, I think this removes one of the most important aspects of the Nintendo DS game, because besides being original, it was something that worked on a storyline level. There were even boss battles that played with the two-screen theme… And that in the mobile version and in this Final Remix have had to be modified, making them less interesting.

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But it is also true that the combat was something that, from the start, threw back many players. The new system is not as interesting (or challenging), but it works perfectly and it is undeniable that it is very enjoyable. Now -and here comes the first novelty-, we can play The World Ends With You on Nintendo Switch in two different ways: in portable mode, where you play entirely with the touch screen, or using a Joy-Con. Just one.