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Ni no kuni wrath of the white witch

Ni no kuni wrath of the white witch

Ni No Kuni: La ira de la Bruja Blanca Tutorial Parte 31

Recibirás tu pedido en 24 horas si lo haces de lunes a jueves antes de las 18 horas o el viernes antes de las 13 horas (localidades de Península y Baleares a 50km de la sede de la delegación de la carga) Ver opciones

Este producto es un Code in a Box, por lo que no incluye una tarjeta de juego, encuentra un código de descarga para Nintendo eShop. Recuerda que necesitas espacio en tu consola Nintendo Switch y una conexión a internet estable para poder descargar el juego.

A lo largo de su viaje, Oliver hace nuevos amigos y adopta muchas de las maravillosas criaturas que habitan el mundo, cri&aquetos ndolas para que luchen de su lado contra otras criaturas mientras se enfrentan a formidables enemigos.

Un juego visualmente impresionante – Durante sus viajes con Oliver, los jugadores podr&aacuten sumergirse en una serie de entornos, paisajes y ciudades incre&iacutebles, como si se adentraran en el universo de una pel&iacutecula de animaci&oacuten dentro de un videojuego.

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Un RPG nacido del talento de dos estudios legendarios: Ni no Kuni combina el reconocido estudio de videojuegos LEVEL-5 con el aliento del equipo de reconocimiento mundial del estudio Ghibli y la música del igualmente legendario Joe Hisaishi, compositor de numerosas películas de Ghibli. El resultado es un RPG que fusiona magistralmente estos formidables talentos.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Another element that returns in Ni No Kuni Remastered is the soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi. He is the composer of the themes we have heard in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, in Porco Rosso and also in live-action films such as The Summer of Kikujiro. He has conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to give us sensational melodies, which have not ceased to move us all this time.

The remastered version (made by QLOC and supervised by Level 5) recovers everything that the original left us. On Nintendo Switch it has the advantage that it can be played anywhere, and it is a joy, while on PS4 PRO the display options allow us to enjoy the game at 4K resolution and 30 FPS or 1440p at 60 FPS.

Ni no Kuni The Wrath of the White Witch (Ps4) Walkthrough-guide

Bandai Namco made us happy yesterday with the news that the first Ni no Kuni will be back in a few months and with a renewed look thanks to Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered, which as its name suggests will be a remastering of this RPG that was released on PS3.

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Being one of the games that Bandai Namco has brought to E3 2019, the guys at IGN have been able to test it in depth and thus leave us with a complete 26-minute gameplay based on the first stages of this adventure, with a few fights in between.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered is scheduled for release on September 20 on PS4 and PC, the same day it will arrive on Nintendo Switch with a version identical to the original.

Ni no Kuni

If we had to talk about the mastery with which Studio Ghibli traces and represents the nuances that make human beings what they are, we could dedicate pages and even entire books to a work that would be extremely large for the richness of their work. From those works that launch a message of awareness by making use of creativity and Japanese folklore, to those that offer us an intimate journey to our most tender childhood. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is, on the other hand, an extravagant product if we compare it with the rest of the stories of his career.

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The second pillar on which Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered is based, specifically everything related to its gameplay, is embodied by the Level-5 team, which has been responsible for shaping the work to everything it contains under its artistic style. Thus, and speaking in general terms, we are faced with a classic JRPG where the combat system and the progression of the characters are the main protagonists.