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#2 VanyaThe most powerful character in The Umbrella Academy -without a doubt- is Vanya Hargreeves, better known as The White Violin.She is capable of turning sound waves into energy blasts so powerful that she went so far as to cause the apocalypse and destroy much of the Moon.

Spawn is not afraid to punish severely those who deserve it; at the same time, he is in a constant struggle with his bloody nature and is always in the middle of the never-ending war between heaven and hell. And although he tries not to take sides, he ends up confronting the evil entities of both sides in order to defend humanity.

#6 HellboyHellboy, son of Satan, was sent to Earth as a harbinger of the apocalypse. Fortunately, instead of going ahead with his diabolical instincts, he decides to fight against paranormal villains to protect the friends and family he made in the world of humans.

The demon hero is able to lift a ton almost effortlessly, plus he possesses incredible agility for his sturdy body. His wounds heal almost instantly, he can speak ancient languages and has knowledge of magic.

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. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, as a consequence of the acute economic crisis, social movements emerged that questioned these concepts and claimed the place of indigenous and Afro-descendants in the demographic conformation of Uruguay2.

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On the characteristics of the discourse of neoindigenist societies in Uruguay, see PORZECANSKI, Teresa. Las raíces indígenas: mito y realidades, in La Gaceta Revista de la Asociación de Profesores de Historia del Uruguay, Montevideo, nº 22, April 2002.

CABRERA PÉREZ, Leonel; BARRETO, Isabel. Indians, frontier and landowners in the south of the Banda Oriental. In: BEHARES, Luis; CURES, Oribe. Sociedad y cultura en el Montevideo colonial. Montevideo: Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, 1997, p. 260.

. This change in the image and self-perception of the indigenous groups that inhabited the territory occupied by Uruguay can be seen in the results of the 2011 census, when the question “Do you think you have indigenous ancestry?” was asked, 5.1% of the population said yes4.

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Seriously, Steam was giving away Betas like candy. I’ve played it, and I love that the voice actors are some from TF2The PUdge, for example is the voice of Sniper (TF2) and in fact, Sniper (Dota2) has lines from TF2’s Sniper xDIn short, I like the game, although LoL has me more hooked xD

intervention wrote on 04 Oct 2013, 09:29: A lot of Russian in DotA 2 that before was solved by reporting them, but now if you find a Russian speaking Russian on an English server you can report him directly, basically because if he wants to speak Russian he should go to his server that for something they have it and I leave here an entry of a radio program that talk about video games called Lambda Complex but at the same time they have a blog where they publish news, and when I read that blog entry gave me a lot to think about, so if you have some time I invite you to read the entire entry whether you are fans of LoL as if you are fans of Dota 2. http://complejolambdaweb.blogspot.com.e … -hate.html

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p1ll80r let’s be careful with the way we answer other members so they don’t take your answer badly (even if you warn them several times not to do it). Mostly to avoid that other forum members may feel offended or angry about something we have said directly about them. After all this is a game in which the vision of each one is quite different from the rest, some will be better and others worse, but everyone has their own and we must respect it.

The anointed (after our archmage) is the best hero we elves have right now. Sve 4+ base, causes fear, is immune to psychology. And not only that, he improves the SvE by +1 (or puts it if the unit doesn’t have it) and makes the unit he is in immune to psychology. That is, not only is a hero that is good base (you can afford to pay the +3 sword strength and a guy of HA 6 F7 that repeats to impact by the SAP is planted) but also can improve any elite unit (to the GoF puts it with SvE 3+ base, the lions of the sword with sve 6 and the masters sve 5+ against non-magical projectiles and 6+ against everything else).

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