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Here`s a strong concept. David Dunn, being the un-harmed only survivor post a train accident, starts digging into his physical history. Elijah Price, a man on the "other end of the curve" breaks his bones with minor falls. Price, a comic book expert and historian, believes this is because Dunn is over-endowed with the same protein combination he was deprived of. And thence emerges a theory that comic books were a recording of history, and that superheroes exist. And thence begins a movie different from any other superhero flick, focusing on the discovery of Dunne`s powers, and making it believable to the audience as well! With a nice show from Willis and an even nicer one from Jackson, where the movie disappoints is in its ending. The twist in the tale (no spoilers here) is contrived to the core and refrains from common sense. Otherwise very interesting, eerie and yet inspiring viewing. Also, the deleted scenes, with Shyamalan`s commentary on why, provides delicious fodder for film careerists.

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