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Twelve stops and home : The Feeling

The five-piece English pop band from Sussex and London has had, their music compared to Supetramp, lOcc, Electric Light 0rchestra, Andrew Gold and more. Yet their gently crooned romantic lyrics mark a difference - oodles of fresh energy between those silent sighs. The good thing about this music is that it`s not in-your-face and concert like. It gives you that intimate pub-performance feeling that sprung Punk up in the first place. True, Never be Lonely, with it`s electric piano an `bloody wells` reeks of Supertramp. But watch the group chart original territory in Sewn (a `la lead singer Gillespi Sells mouthing: "Give me the song and I`ll sing it like I mean it"). Love It When You Call may as well have been a `70s mix, and a boring one at that. But Rose goes all the power ballad way to bring that spunk back, followed by Same Old Stuff (sniff some Todd Rundgren here) and Helicopter - with ravishingly rough guitar solo.

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