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Tech Support Assistant

Tech Support AssistantSince you`re using a computer right now, it is very likely that you have encountered a technical support professional. That is the person who, after you get through the busy signals, the long list of menu choices, and finally some amount of time on hold, talks you through your hardware or software problems.

Levels of training vary in the field as well. Sometimes a degree in computer science is required, while often just computer knowledge is necessary. When considering this as a career option, check out the companies where you live to see what level of education they require.

Tech support assistants are widely needed today and can find jobs in call centres, BPO`s, computer and IT companies. Some of these support professionals work for software or computer manufacturers, offering support to customers. Others offer in house support to corporate or institutional staff.

There is expected to be greater than average growth for this field, so if you enjoy working with computers and people, and you have the education or knowledge base required, this may be a field to consider. Take a look at these sites for more information.

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