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Shaggy Dog (DVD)

Disney had better stop relying on re-makes. While Shaggy Dog is re-made well, the over-the-top manbites-dog (literally) comedy genre no longer has many takers. Assistant District Attorney Dave Douglas gets infected with a virus which turns him into a dog. This, because a dog from the diabolical Dr Kozak`s lab bit him. And Dr Kozak`s conducting cruel tests on animals to obtain the elixir of life, after which he`ll get rid of his boss, become CEO of the company and get evilly rich and powerful. Yawn. What makes this whole gig refreshing for not just kids but grown-ups as well, is Tim Allen. The actor turns the otherwise banal man-turns-into dog act into a laughathon. Robert Downey Jr is also good as Dr Kozak, who gets his own gig towards the end. Besides this, coming back to what we were saying, Disney should take a remake-break.

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