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Sense and Nonsense

1.Turkmenistan`s eccentric president is to spend millions of pounds on a lavish desert zoo - to house penguins!
President Saparmurat Niyazov has issued decrees in the past banning recorded music and men with long hair. Now he is spending 10 million pounds on the construction of a zoo in the Karakorum desert, where temperatures can soar upto 4odegrees celcius. He has decreed that this zoo must have penguins because he believes that the birds need to be saved from starvation caused by global warming.

2.The Mbuti pygmies of the African rain forests tie a piece of jungle vine around a new baby`s waist to which a small piece of wood is attached. They believe that this will pass on the strength of the forest to the baby.

3.There are said to be more ghosts per square mile in Britain than in any other country.

4. Mark Greenlaw has agreed to auction off the back of his neck for advertisement. Mark says that the tattoo of the company`s logo on his neck will help support his family. Marks words were, "I am doing this auction for my family and if it takes a little pain and a logo on the back of my neck to do so then I will do it." He apparently has no qualms about the company`s logo being imprinted on his neck for life but rather thinks it is "fun".

5.A Chinese man named Zhang has just pulled off an incredible feat. Zhang pulled a car for 20 meters with his ears. His talent however doesn`t stop there. Not only did he pull the car with his ears he also performed the feat while walking on a carton of eggs without breaking a single one of them. Zhang says he has been practicing since the age of eight. He claims to also have held a bicycle in the air with his mouth while, of course, standing on eggs.

6.75 prisoners tried to escape from a prison in Mexico in 1975, They dug and dug until their tunnel was finished in April 1976. They must have made a wrong turn somewhere, because they came up in the court where many of them had been sent to jail in the first place! They were all returned to jail.

7. King Gustav III of Sweden though coffee was poison. He once sentenced a man "to death" by drinking coffee everyday. The man lived to a very old age!

8. In 1803, in Sydney Australia, Joseph Samuels was about to be hanged. The rope broke twice. The third time he was hanged, but nothing happened- he just hung about in the air for a bit. Afterwards he was let off.

9. St Bernard dogs are thought to have been first used for mountain rescues about 850 years ago.

10. Shooting accidents are common in the USA. However, Harold Erikson was not a good shot. While practicing a quick draw in Newhall, California, he managed to shoot himself in both legs .

11. When the fossil of the iguanodon dinosaur was first put on show no one was really sure how the bones should fit together. As a result it ended up on all fours and had one thumb ticking on its head because it was thought to be a horn !

12. Clouds of tarantula spiders have been blown in by hurricanes in the US.

13. Early surgeons had only one coat for their work. Often it was an outdoor coat and was cleaned, at most twice a year!

14. The only car which did not finish the 9000 mile London to Pekin race in 1990 was the most expensive - a 150,000 pound Lamborghini.

15. A tortoise in Kent which had damaged its shell was able to move about normally again after a vet used a kit usually used to repair car bodies to strengthen his shell.

16. In 1900 the first camera to trap speeding motorists was set up in Paris.

17. In 1992, the rubber ears of Mr. Spock of Star Trek were sold for two hundred pounds at a charity auction in London.

18. Small craters on Venus are named after famous women including Florence Nightingale.

19. It took seven hours for doctors to close the mouth of a farm worker in England. He had yawned too widely and his mouth wouldn`t shut.

20. A hospital diet in London in the 1660s included three pints of beer a day.

21. The ancient Egyptian`s used mouldy bread as an antibiotic to cure various diseases over 2000 years ago.

22. The first X-ray , by Wilhelm Roentgen, who had discovered these strange rays in 1895, was of his wife`s left hand.

23. When it first appeared, Coca Cola , without the fizz, was sold as a medicine.

24. The patron saint for those with toothache is St. Appollonia.

25. King Henry II of England had a pet polar bear which he allowed to swim in the Thames at the end of a rope.

26. Playing cards were designed by the painter to Charles VI of France. The hearts are based on the clergy.

27. A radio operator is a spy network is often known as a musician .

28. A statue made over 1000 years ago in Central Europe is very strange- it shows a figure in something like a spacesuit with antennae.

29. Hog nosed snakes, found in America, save themselves if threatened. They roll over and pretend to be dead. If put back on their bellies. They sometimes give the game away by rolling over to play dead again!

30. During the summer of 1982, firemen rescued hundreds of pigs from a fire at a farm in Foston, Derbyshire in England. They made the pigs breathe through the firemen`s oxygen masks !

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