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Ridge- Bow & The Rumitone

Ridge- Bow

Ridge- Bow -  Wayland Harman Created by Wayland Harman, the RidgeBow is the work of over 10 years of experimentation, in a quest to improve upon the sound and harmonic amplitude of the traditional Mouthbow. Currently constructed of black-willow with maple and walnut components. The bow is about 37 inches long and features a high quality enclosed guitar-type tuner, steel string, and Wayland`s unique reed design that transfers more of the string`s energy to the player`s mouth. The overtones are strong and clear, as compared to other mouthbows which are inherently quiet instruments.

The Rumitone

The Rumitone is a tubular bell, sit-and-spin sculpture that explores the aural and visual possibilities of a whirling universe. It is played by striking the bells with superball mallets. The dancer/musicians fold in and around each other with gestures and dynamic shapes centered on the lotus-shaped instrument they are playing, all the while evoking the poetic roots that inspired this meditative yet dazzling instrument.

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