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Papad Chaat

Ingredients :

Papad Chaat

  • Lijjat /other plain Papad (the bigger size of the papad, better it is)

  • Finely Cut Tomatoes

  • Finely chopped Onion

  • Thinly sliced strawberries(Optional, substitute with similar fruits of your choice which are aromatic, less sweet, and a bit citrusy. Avoid using fruits, which would overpower the other flavors in the chaat.

  • Fresh Pomegranate Seeds(Optional)

  • Cut Coriander

  • Finely Cut Chillies

  • Tomato ketchup

  • Low fat mild flavor cheese

  • Method :

    1. Toast the Papad in microwave for 1 min or so. OR toast it over the stove.

    2. Then lay it on a plate, spread finely cut onions in a layer.Continue topping it with a layer of finely cut tomato.Put the next layer of cut strawberries, and pomegranate seeds ,

    3. Sprinkle cut coriander leaves. Sprinkle little salt and freshly ground pepper.

    4. Dot the toppings with some tomato ketchup.

    5. Place the slice of cheese on top of all these layers like a cover spread. Putting cheese is completely optional. If you wish , you can serve it right now finishing at the tomato ketchup stage. Else, if you put cheese, then put the papad for a second or two in the oven or stove top to slightly melt the cheese. Now, serve the papad whole or cut with a pizza cutter as the papad would slight soften with the melting cheese.

    6. So, here is the healthy, Great in Taste and Versatile Papad Chaat. I like the Chaat to express the different flavours and textures subtly and separately and not any one overpowering the others. You can however make changes according to the demands of your taste buds . I like to taste the crunch of the onions, juicy crisp tomatoes bathed in the spicy tomato ketcup, experience the aroma of coriander and bite into the other ingredients separately and yet feel it all being one.

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