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Music is simply a melody or an experience that one can derive and capture through different instruments. After being heard in its different forms it can formulate miracles. Music indeed is a factor that elevates and energizes a person. Apart from many physical as well as mental activities, it is required to have some activity for calming the mind, and what other activity than listening to music? Be it the soft music or the heavy metal rock music, the traditional Indian classical music, with lots of aalaaps or the typically Bollywood fanfare - there is indeed a lot for everyone to learn in this subject.

See, the very effect, the word "Music" has on you? We are sure, by this time; you must have already been strolling your way into the lush green fields and imagining soft and subtle music playing near you ears! Indians mostly think of music as being only traditional or western, but this information is only the tip of the iceberg! The traditional and western music do have their own sub-genres, which have mostly arrived through various regions in India and around the world - through various generations!

In this site, we have indeed covered all the aspects of music, not only to relax your mind, but also to educate you, about this wonderful musical world. At an early age, one can take it up as a hobby and later on can also pursue a career in it. There is also no end to how many musical styles or musical instruments one can learn. But yes, a proper knowledge about the same surely helps and this is what we are here for! So, just sit back, relax and let us take you inside the soothing and mesmerizing world of music! Travel through this mystifying and pleasant journey of music and refresh your mind and soul! | Home | Contact Us