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Multi-Media Artists and Animators

Multi-Media Artists and AnimatorsMulti-media artists and animators create the large series of pictures that form the animated images seen in movies, commercials, television programs, and computer games.

. Although formal training, such as a Bachelor or Master degree in Fine Arts (BFA or MFA) isn`t always required, it can help one who wants to work as a multi-media artist or animator develop sought after skills. These programs often include course work in art history, studio art, computer techniques, and core subjects such as English, social science, and natural science. Multi-media artists and animators, in addition to having artistic talent, must have good listening skills, good time management skills, and good reading comprehension skills.

Over 75,000 people were employed as animators and multi-media artists today Employment of multi-media artists and animators is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2012.

Multi-Media Artists and AnimatorsOn a typical day a multi-media artist and animator may:

  • Sketch or draw subjects or items;

  • Use computer graphics design software;

  • Draw storyboards;

  • Create art from ideas;

  • Prepare artwork for camera or press;

  • Write story copy;

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