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Morden Period

1802 British gain control of central India by the treaty of Bassein.
1803 British navigator Matthew Flinders 11774-18141 circum navigates Australia. 1804 Founding of Hobart marks the beginning of tile coloni,ation otTasmania.

1803 Second Maratha War begins; the British caplure Delhi; Arthur Wellesley (1769-18521 wins thebat(leQfAssaye i~,s India.

1804 British annex Calcutta.
1804 Chinese emperor finally suppresses the White Lotus soci; ety.
1807 Ottoman Janisseries revok and replace sultan Selirj1l11 1176H8081 with Mustafa IV 11779-18081,.

1808 Cdldnial officers in Australia stage the Rum Rebellion against governor William Bligh (1754-1817). 1808 Dutch, conquer the independent state of Bantam in Indonesia.

1808 Mahmud II (1785-1839) becomes Ottoman sukan.
1809 Treaty of Amritsartixes the boundary betWeen British territory in India,andthe Sikh kingdom.
1809 Britishmake a defence treaty with the Afghans.
Areas explored to 1830 Flinders 1801-02
- Flinders 1802~03 - Oxley 1817-18
- Stur! 1828~30
1810- 1811 British recapture Malacca and invade DutthJava and Sumatra.

1812 Russia defeats the Persians at the battle of Aslanduz.
1813 Persia cedes Baku and Caucasus territories to Russia under the treaty of Gulistan. 1813 British government abolishes the Eastlngia CompanY`s monopoly on trade with India.

1814 Persia signs a defence treaty with Britain.
1814 Border dispute provokes a war between the British and the Gurkhas in Nepal.
1816 Persians invade Afghanistan but are ,forced to withdraw. 1816 Nepal becomes an independent British,protectorate. 1816 Britain returns Java and Sumatra to the Dutch.

1816-18 Egyptian army under General Ibrahim Pasha
11789-1848) suppresses the Wahhabi state in w Arabia.
1817-18 During the third Maratha War Britain gains contro!`of the Rajputstates ofwcentrallndia.

1818 Britain returns Malacca to the Dutch.
1818 Afghanistan disintegrates into small states after "trib.1 revok.
1819 Bagyidaw (d.1837) b~comes king of Burma and cotitinues the policy of expansion.
1819 Sikhs under Ranjit Singh 11780,.18391
1819 British colonial administrator Stamford Raffles 1178H826) founds Singapore.

~ Napoleonic soldiersTh~pniforms worn during the French invas,ion of Russia (1812) proved inadequate in the harsh Russian climate and many soldiers died of hypothermiii!.

1830 Dutch suppress the Javanese revo~.
1831 Muslims defeat the Sikhs at the battle of Balakot in NW India.

1832 Ottoman governor Muhammad Ali 11769,-18491 invades Syria and Asia Minor and defeats the Turks at the battle of Konya.

1833 Russia sends ships to assist the Turks; France andBtitain protest against Russian interferenc,,;Muhamll1ad Ali gains control of Syria.

1834 Sikhs capture the Muslim city of l`eshaWarin. present-day Pakistan.
1834 Muhammad Shah becomes ruler of PerSia a/terthe death ofFath Ali Ib.17711.
1835 Dost Muhammad 11789,-1863) becomes ruler of all Afghanistan and establishes the Barakzai dynasty.

1838 !smaili leader Aga Khan 11180Q.-81) flees to India after his rebellion against the shah of Persia is defeated.

1839 British occupy the port of IIden in yemen.
1839 Turks invade Syria and are defeated by the Egyptians at the battle afNesib.
1839 British/nvade Afghanistan and overthrow Dost Muhammad.
1839 Chinese officials burn British opiUminthe portofiCanton IG~angzhou). Plymouth, England, on HMS Beagle on 17 December 1831.

For five years, he explored parts of South America and the Pacific Islands. Darwin is renowned for his theory of evolution based on natural selection. As well as The Origihof Species (1859), Darwin published other books discussing evolution, incfudlng The,Descent of Man (1877).

18411 British colonists land in New Zealand; Maori.chiefs cede sovereignty to Britain by the treaty of Waitangi.

18411 British occupy Chinese forts in Canton IGuangzhoul.
1841 During the first Opium War,.!he British navy seizes ports along the Chinese coast. `

1841 Afghans rebel against British occupation.
1841 Sultan of Brunei cedes Sarawak to a British merchant. 1841 European powers persuade Egypt to withdraw from Syua. 1842 British are forced to withdraw from Afghanistan; Dost Muhammad 11789,-18631 regains power.

1842 Peace of Nanjing ends the first Opium War; Britain obtains Hong Kong.
1842 Tahiti becomes a French protectorate.
1843 British conquer Sind in present-day sw Pakistan,
1843 First Maori War breaks out over a land dispute,
1843 Chinese port of Shanghai is opened to foreign.!rade. 1843 Chinese emperor repeats his ban on opium smoking. 1844 Cambodia comes under the control ofThailand,

1844 Sayyid Ali Muhammad Ic.1820-50) proclaims himself Bab and founds Babism in Persia.

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