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There is a lot of scope for lawyer for employment purpose. Many of them are appointed as public prosecutor, many have their own private practice and many are appointed as advisors in private firms, limited firms, in multinational firms and so on. But remember one thing there is a lot of competition in this field, only the person who can face the competition bravely can be successful in this field. Along with that a person pursuing a career in law should have a good voice, a little bit of acting skill, ability to speak in public, a tremendous self confidence and a power to convince the point on which he/she is arguing. So if you are the person having all this qualities then go in for a career in law.

Personality Traits:

  • Lawyers, legal executives, Solicitors all need intellectual ability, the need to incorporate and find facts quickly.

  • They must be able to persuade, convince, argue and explain points of law for the jury and interrogate or cross-examine defendants and witnesses to establish the reality before the judge and jury.

  • Lawyers should have complete integrity of character and need mental and physical stamina in order to cope with long hours, travelling and stress.

  • Advocates working with criminal law should accept that every one is entitled to representation whatever their financial status and whatever crime they are alleged to have committed.

  • The other important traits are: Ability to concentrate; a powerful voice; some ability to present cases with dramatic impact; a relish for verbal battles; respect and honour for the law.

  • Job Prospects:

    Private legal practice is very popular opening for a qualified legal professional. In the bigger cities, law firms have made their appearance and they employ a number of lawyers at senior as well as junior levels. It is a regular paid job and an incumbent has no pressure of trying to build up a practice for income. Lawyers may join a senior lawyer as an assistant or `junior` in his/her Private practice. As an assistant, the basic objective is to gather experience and build up some capital before setting up practice on one`s own. Government service is another option for law graduates. They can appear for competitive exams conducted by various state Public Service Commissions. They can also join judicial service Commissions. They can also join judicial service. Here, one rises from munsif to subjudge to district judge. Other route to become a judge is after putting in specified years of practice in a particular court in a successful manner. Law professionals can work in defence service for instance in the judge advocate general`s (JAG`s) department.

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