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Iron maiden - A matter of life and death

Iron Maiden`s fourteenth albumin a career spanning 31 years, has all the elements that makes Maiden one of therefore-runners in the metal genre - brilliant axe assaults (comprising air-guitar-worthy riffs), characteristic tempo changes, sing-along lyrics as well `as the strong vocals of Bruce Dickenson. The sound here is characteristically Maiden and - if such a thing was possible c much tighter. Dickenson goes through the range of his repertoire from his high-pitched exhortations to the low-pitched whispers that once, reminded you of your `fear of the dark`. But he`s not alone. All three are wielders - Murray, Smith and Gers - pitch in with blazing leads and top-notch rhythms, while bassist Steve Harris along with drummer Nicko McBrain hold it together admirably. If you`ve seen any of Maiden`s live concerts, A Matter of Life and Death -10 song that span over 70 minutes - will put you back into the arena. Imagine the on stage histrionics, their stage-robot Eddie, the electric atmosphere, et al. An album you call only ignore at your own risk. As for those who are curious about the genre, this is a good place to start.

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