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Historical Events
1947- Partition of India.. Battle of Haldighati Battle of Plassey
Civil Disobedience Movem.. Cripp`s Mission Shivaji Maharaj
First Anglo French War.. First Battle of Tarain.. First Round Table Confer..
First Session of Indian .. Indian National Army Invasion of Genghis Khan..
Nehru`s Speech Non Cooperation Movement.. Partition of Bengal
Quit India Movement Revolution of 1857 Salt Satyagraha
Second Round Table Confe.. Simon Commission Boycott.. The Battle Of Wandiwash..
The First Battle of Pani.. The Invasion of the Kush.. The Khilafat Movement..
Third Battle of Panipat.. Third Round Table Confer.. Vijaynagar Empire

In order to understand and study history better, having the knowledge of the historical events is very important. The historical events along with their dates provide a proper chronology and make it easier for the readers to remember the importance of the events. In this site, we have mentioned most of the important events in Indian history along with their dates, for your more enhanced learning.

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