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Gravikord & Harp-Kora

The Gravikord was invented and is built by Bob Grawi. The instrument is 54 inches long, weighs approximately 5 pounds and has a welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block, guitar type tuning machines, and a carved bridge with piezoelectric pickup.


Harp KoraCreated by homemade musical instrument enthusiast Dennis Havlena, the Harp-Kora is a double-sided harp that is strung and played like a Kora. There are 10 strings on the right side and 11 on the left side. This Harp-kora measures just over 31 inches tall. Two handles, like on an African Kora, provide a very solid way of holding, when playing the instrument. The Harp-kora`s tone is decidedly resonant and beautiful, with good volume as well. While it resembles the tone of a Kora, the metal strings and wooden soundbox give it a bit different, harp-like voice. The Kora is a sort of "stringed Kalimba" in that to play a scale, one has to alternate between sides.

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