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Electric Harp Guitar & The fiddle-dee-doo

Electric Harp Guitar

Electric GuitarIn 1987, guitar legend Michael Hedges (1953-1997) approached Steve Klein and asked him to make a modern acoustic harp guitar. After several attempts at creating drawings for an acoustic harp guitar, Steve Klein proposed an electric instrument. Equipped with a headless 6-string neck for better balance, it also has a Steinberger Trans-Trem on it. The sub-bass strings are supported by three aluminum tubes in a triangular configuration.

The fiddle-dee-doo

It`s a globu-tubular horn, with a goatskin resonator. The tubular section of the horn is the neck and fingerboard of the fiddle, and the goatskin membrane on the globular section is the soundboard of the fiddle. It can have one or two gut strings. The blow hole for the horn is on the back of the globular section. While it can be played as a globular horn or as a fiddle, it`s most interesting when the two systems interact. For example, when blowing into the globular horn, the strings of the fiddle vibrate sympathetically.

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