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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

The Literary King Of Bengal Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 1838-1894

Bankim Chandra ChatterjeeBankim Chandra Chattterjee was a great poet and novelist. He is known as the `Literary King of Bengal.` His important creations that enriched the Bengali literature are Durgesh Nandini, Kapal Kundala, Visha Briksha, Shikar, Chandhrani etc. his literary work `Anandmath` is regarded as the `Bible of Indian Nationalism? It inspired the nationalists of India. `Bande Mataram` the national song of India was adopted from this very book. The writings of Bankim Chandra drew inspiration from Indian spiritual heritage and it appealed to the heroes of Indian History. A Satirist, Chatterjee in his famous satirical book "Kamala Kanter Dafter" pointed out the social evils and blind beliefs prevalent in Indian Society, which were pertaining to injustice to the poor and the downtrodden. He advocated remedial measures for the eradication of all the evils. He wished to provide a degree of equality between the rich and the poor in the society. This book is one of the most important treatise towards the concept of modern socialism. His works also bear a testimony of remarkable stamp of nationalism enriched with Indian culture and heritage.

Bankim Chandra ChatterjeeBankim Chandra Chatterjee, a great novelist, satirist and a leading litterateur was born on 27 June 1838 at Kantalpara in West Bengal. He belonged to a middle class intellectual family. He had his schooling at Midanpore and had his collegiate education from Presidency College, Calcutta. Later on he studied law and became a magistrate. Since his childhood, he was very interested in sports and literature. He was appointed as Deputy Collector under the British Government. Chatterjee`s masterful literary works are not only the permanent treasures of the Bengali language but also they have enriched the Indian literature. His novels are marked for their high literary merit. He wrote `Anandmath` in 1882. It contains his revolutionary ideas against the British. This book provides a great inspiration to the people of India. The famous song `Bande Mataram` was his creation, which was taken from this very book. Bankim Chandra passed away in 1894 at the age of 56.

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