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Audiologist Audiologists work with those who have ear problems including hearing and balance difficulties. More than half of all audiologists worked in doctors` offices or in the offices of other healthcare practitioners. Approximately one in five audiologists work in schools. Other audiologists hold jobs in health and personal care stores, for example hearing aid stores. Some worked instate and local governments. A small number of audiologists owned private practices.

On a typical day an audiologist will:

  • identify, assess, and manage auditory, balance, and other neural systems;

  • use audiometers, computers, and other testing devices to measure the loudness at which a person begins to hear sounds, the ability to distinguish between sounds, and the nature and extent of hearing loss;

  • interpret these results and may coordinate them with medical, educational, and psychological information to make a diagnosis and determine a course of treatment;

  • may recommend, fit, and dispense personal or large area amplification systems, such as hearing aids and alerting devices;

  • provide fitting and tuning of cochlear implants and provide the necessary rehabilitation for adjustment to listening with implant amplification systems;

  • measure noise levels in workplaces and conduct hearing protection programs in industry, as well as in schools and communities;

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