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Archaeology Courese in I.. Personalilty Traits

Archology The word `Archaeology ` is derived from the greek word `Archaia` means ancient things and `Logos` means theory or science. Thus archeology refers to that part of science which deals with material remains of past human life and activities. The person who pursues archeology as his career is termed as Archeologist. A deep interest in the past and curiosity to dig up the hidden secrets of the past is an important requisite to pursue a career in archeology. Archaeology is an interdisciplinary subject which has a mixture of Anthropology, chemistry, geology, and art. Archaeology has many branches like Egyptology (archeology of ancient egypt), Prehistoric archaeology (archaeology dealing with the past of man Underwater archaeologybefore he learnt to write), Palaeontology (study of fossils), Underwater Archaeology (branch of reconnaissance and excavation) and many more like Iconography, Epigraphy, Museology, Museography and so on. The best part of pursuing archaeology as a career is that every subject like geology, soil science, botany, zoology, and statistics is a grist to archaeologists mill making an archaeologists a jack of all trades in good stead. Even the remuneration and growth prospects for a person pursuing a career in archaeology is very good. Now a days archaeologists find themselves not only in traditional bastions, universities and museums but also in country planning departments, computer centres and construction campus.

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